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Scuba Diving

Scuba diving as a sport is when a person dives underwater to explore the ocean. There are various types of scuba diving. However, for most people, scuba diving is an activity they do recreationally as tourists while on vacation or holiday. Recreational scuba diving often is done off dive boats to experience unbelievable dive sites. Recreational divers put on a scuba tank to breathe underwater to see the beauty of the ocean and interact with sea creatures.


Snorkeling can be a very rewarding activity. It benefits from its simplicity, where you can simply grab a mask and some fins, rather than hauling a bag full of heavy scuba gear. This also allows for more flexibility, allowing you to bring your gear on trips where bringing tons of scuba gear isn’t a possibility. And the lack of bubbles means you can often get closer to marine wildlife than with scuba gear on.

Cave diving

(small cave diving 4-6 metres)

Cave diving is a highly technical activity. It combines scuba diving with cave exploration Diving in caves offers the chance to explore the last remaining untouched corners of the world, marvel at ancient rock formations, and even discover new life forms.

shipwreck diving

If you have the dive skills and enough underwater experience to be comfortable at the depth the wreck sits at, you should be able to dive a non-penetration wreck without any special equipment or training beyond an open water certification.

Wreck diving is recreational diving where the wreckage of ships, aircraft and other artificial structures are explored. Although most wreck dive sites are at shipwrecks, there is an increasing trend to scuttle retired ships to create artificial reef sites.

Choose a Scuba Diving Course

( with certified )

To get a scuba diving certification, you need to enroll in a scuba diving class. Various agencies around the world offer scuba diving courses. If you complete these courses with positive results, you will receive a scuba diving certification. Some of the most popular scuba diving agencies include PADI/SSI

scuba diving equipment rent

( dive gear )

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